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Altruistic Agency provides free tech support and development to high-impact nonprofits and charities. Instead of wasting resources on solving technical issues yourself, we do it for you, often at a fraction of the time you would otherwise spend. Many organisations are volunteer-based and don’t have the money or knowledge to improve their technical operations but would benefit from it. Altruistic Agency exists to fill that gap.

You can contact Altruistic Agency for any tech issues or projects, for example:

  • Computer or software support
  • Fixing broken websites
  • Data handling or custom code
  • Software expertise or recommendations
  • Security audits
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Website usability testing
  • Speeding up webpages
  • Media production or conversion

…or anything else you can think of in the world of web, software, and hardware. We can help you via email, video chat, phone, or some other channel of your choice.

Get help

You are encouraged to get in touch even if you have no idea in particular on how we can help. By working with EA organisations, the agency gathers knowledge on common needs, bottlenecks and improvements that are applicable to other similar organisations as well.

Get updates

Visit our blog to read more about our activities an insights. Sign up here to get an email when there are new posts on the blog. You can also follow the Altruistic Agency page on LinkedIn to get updates.

Altruistic Agency launched in January 2022 supported by a grant from the Effective Altruism Infrastructure Fund of the EA Funds programme under the Centre for Effective Altruism. Funding from the CEA was renewed in July 2022 and the agency is currently being incorporated as a nonprofit organisation.

The agency is run by Markus Amalthea Magnuson. Feel free to reach out on LinkedIn, Twitter, or email.

Open positions

Altruistic Agency is not currently hiring staff or working with external volunteers. This will change in the future. If you are interested in working here, make sure to follow Altruistic Agency on LinkedIn where any such notices will be posted.