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These are a few testimonials from previous clients of the Altruistic Agency:

“Markus cleared ~2 years of technical debt in a few days … A top tier delegation experience in return on time, quality of delivery, and overall experience. Altruistic Agency is a significant asset to effective altruism.”

“Altruistic Agency was always super-responsive, helpful and competent. They were even able to identify important issues that I hadn't brought up. Communication is clear and friendly.”

Markus was very responsive and clear. I appreciated that he worked with me to identify what our actual needs are and offered his advice based on industry experience, as opposed to either end of the spectrum: acquiescing to my potentially bad ideas or coming in with a predetermined idea of what success would look like for Giving Green.

“Altruistic Agency is always very easy to work with and saves a lot of time. The biggest advantage to using the Altruistic Agency is having someone I trust to guide me. I always get high-quality work from Markus, and I can be confident that what he is advising is accurate and reliable.”

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